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Plug In!

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Plug in!

 What Is Plug In!?

Plug In! is an events and activity search app with a difference: its basic premise is that no one can possibly know what you might like, so attempting to filter information for you is just pointless.

What it does instead is give you access to information, and lots and lots of it! With a backend database that is updated daily, and which covers a broad range of event categories and regions (not just main cities) you not only have a real choice, but will be able to zoom in on exactly what suits your fancy.

So let’s just be clear: the database holds data covering all states/regions, cities and suburbs for all of Australia and New Zealand.

Event Categories covered are:

  • Business
  • Conferences
  • Dance  - Club Events
  • Esoteric and Spiritual
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Food and Wine
  • Kids and Family
  • Literary
  • Live Music
  • Markets
  • Performing Arts
  • Sports
  • Tours
  • Workshops

With each Event Category having its own sub-category, you can really be specific about what you want to take part in – if you choose to.

This specificity  is achieved by giving you the ability to:

  • Search by your chosen city within a state/region. You can search across the whole city, or
  • Search by your chosen suburb
  • Search by Event Category (e.g Live Music), for all live music, or
  • Search by Event Sub category (e.g Jazz, Punk, etc)
  • The default is the current date, but you can also choose to search well in advance of this, in case you want to plan ahead.

The matching results come back with their descriptions to help you decide what you want to do.


  • You can choose to save your current search parameters before or after you have seen your search results. Give it an appropriate search name so you can remember next time.
  • Once you have saved your search, you need to only go straight to the ‘Favourites’ tab, click on the search name button to search again.-In the ‘Favourites’ tab, you can click on ‘All My Searches Around Me Now’ to find all your search preferences taking place within a 5Km radius of where you currently are, on that day, anywhere within Australia and New Zealand.
  • Whilst viewing the details of an item that was returned as part of your search, you can also call the venue from within the application for whatever reason – like make a reservation, or get more information.
  • Most descriptions of your search results come with internet links
  • You can email your friends to plan an activity
  • See where the location of the venue is on a map

In its current incarnation, Plug In! gives you access to events in all Australian states, and all New Zealand Regions.


Download Plug In!


How does it work?


“Plug In!” is the one accessory you’ll need if you want the best outcome for your outings.


PlugIn_States_NZUsing the left tab bar item, select your city of choice in a state, then a suburb or “All towns and Suburbs”.

Then your event category, sub category or “All Event Category Event Types”, then your date, and… voila! Your search results.


To see the detail of each result item, click on the row. A detail screen will be displayed:


Both the Description field and the Address or ‘Where’ field are scrolling enabled.

Using the buttons are the bottom of the screen, ‘Tell friends’ opens up email where you can email your contacts to inform them about the event, ‘Call’ dials the venue (if the phone number is available), and ‘Map’ shows the location of the venue on a map.


But… there is more!

Just so you never need do this again, you can save your search before or after you have seen the results of your search.

To save before your search, Click on ‘Save Your Search’

Saving after your search takes a couple more simple steps. To save after your search, Click on ‘New Search’ from either the Detail screen or from the Results screen. This will take you back to the country selection. No problem, click on either country (Australia or New Zealand), and then select the tab on the right – ‘Saved Searches’.

The following screen will be displayed:

Australia and New Zealand travel 3


Type in a name best describing the search you’ve just done (or are about to do) and click ‘Save’. Immediately, the name or description will be displayed on the list in the main window. Remember, this list has been scrolling-enabled, so if you’ve saved a lot of searches, you’ll need to scroll to see all your searches.

Next time you open Plug In!, just go straight to the second tab (Saved Searches’) click on the button with the name or description of your saved search, and you’ll see your results within seconds.


All Your Saved Searches, Around You… Now!

To all intents and purposes, saving your search is like setting up your preferences; your ‘Likes’, if you may. Once you have these set up, you can find out where every kind of event you like is taking place within a 5 kilometre radius of where you are anywhere in Australia or New Zealand!

To do this,  just go straight to the “Saved Searches” tab bar item on the right, click on ‘All My Searches Around Me Now’ to see the results of your preferred events taking place on the same day within a 5 kilometre radius of where you are at the time.

Your Saved Searches Around You… adjusted for the time of day.

If you use this functionality between midnight and 5 am, then the results you will get will be that for your preferred events, for the previous day. This is so you are able to find out about late-night events that had been listed as happening the previous day, when you’ve been out on an evening.


Plug In! in the App Store